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The Lay of the Land: The Tonawandas

Buffalo-Niagara contains two towns collectively known as "The Tonawandas". The Tonawandas, also known as the "Twin Cities" consist of the City of Tonawanda and North Tonawanada. These connected towns are located where the Niagara River and the Erie Canal meet - or at least the Niagara River and Tonawanda Creek, which is utilized by the Erie Canal.  I believe that the towns got their names from Tonawanda Creek.

The interesting thing about the Twin Cities is that one, North Tonawanda, is located in Niagara County and the City of Tonawanda is located in Erie County.

To muddy the water further is the THIRD Tonawanda. The TOWN of Tonawanda, located south of and sharing a border with the City of Tonawanda, isn't really related to the other two towns at all. The Town of Tonawanda (aka TTon) is hooked up with the Village of Kenmore and Ken-Ton (as they are usually known) is technically part of Buffalo, NY.

When one is talking about Tonawanda, or if real estate listings list Tonawanda as the town, they are usually talking about the City of Tonawanda.  It can get confusing.

Why all this stuff about the different Tonawandas? Because I enjoy spelling Tonawanda over and over and over? (I list my address as Kenmore, personally.) No! Because Ray H Bennett means North Tonawanda specifically — the company was located in North Tonawanda and there are specific industrial and economic reasons for this which doesn't pertain to the City of Tonawanda, nor the Town.  I've seen articles about the Ray H Bennett company where the Tonawanda and North Tonawanda are both used. They are not interchangeable and I am being a stickler.   There, I feel better now.

Below are some links to the various Tonawandas. Enjoy!,_New_York,_New_York

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